October 5, 2022
These 5 People are Banned from Las Vegas Casinos

These 5 People are Banned from Las Vegas Casinos

These 5 People are Banned from Las Vegas Casinos

It is one thing to be a gambling legend and have your name published all over the place because you have proved to have a sixth sense at reading the hands at the table. It is quite a different thing altogether, to be banned from playing in the casinos especially Las Vegas Casinos. Well, the latter is the case with the following five people.


Dominic Antony Spinale

Dominic was listed sometime in 1994. He is reported to have fleeced the gaming houses an unknown amount of cash. The fellow has a history of two convictions because of bookmaking and the fact that he had close ties with an English organized crime gang. His history betrayed him in Las Vegas Casinos.


Ronald Dale Harris

He is banned for having scammed over $ 100, 000 from a casino house. He was listed on February the 20th, the year 1997. He once worked for the State Gaming Control Board for 12 years. He was deployed to supervise gaming activities and inspect the gaming machines. He was nabbed in New Jersey for using a computer-developed program to scam $100,000 from a gaming company. He was arraigned in court and charged with rigging of slot machines.


Douglas Joseph Bar

The amount that Douglass really stole is unknown and even not known whether he really stole any money or something else. However, this fellow was still listed as notorious and banned on 29th of November 1990. He was listed at the age of 31. He had been a state guest 30 times in the US. Most of the arrests were linked to gambling. His dad was also listed for cheating on slots.


Joseph Whit Moody

Moody is a more recent culprit. He was listed on the 23rd of August 2018. It is not known how much he stole but Joe was well known for scamming tourists in and around Las Vegas. He targeted female and elderly tourists while they were at ATMs or while redeeming kiosks. He would block them from viewing the part of the machine where cash is dispensed and ask them innocuous questions such as the direction to some location. He would quickly grab the cash dispensed, while the visitor was trying to figure out what to tell him, and vanish into casino crowds.


Sandra K Vaccaro

She must pride herself to be the only woman to have made the list of five; never mind that is all for the wrong reasons. She was listed on October the 2nd 1986. She is said to have stolen millions of dollars through scams. Sandra made the list alongside her husband. Her man was a member of an organized crime group in Los Angeles. Sandra and her husband colluded with a syndicate of criminals to rig slot machines of millions of dollars over time. It took a long time for the authorities to crack the code that the syndicate used to perpetuate their criminal activities. They mostly stole from casinos in Nevada.

The Nevada Black Book was founded after it was discovered that those who stole from gaming houses tended to be the same people. The above five people had to be banned to safeguard the interests of both the houses and the players.


Final Note

Playing at casinos carries the danger of being barred from accessing any casinos for the rest of your life. To avoid the eventuality of life banning, you might consider joining a trusted online casino like as me88.


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