June 28, 2022




Welcome to Online Fraud 101, where we teach you about the culture surrounding players who commit fraud while gaming online. This guide will focus on what constitutes suspicious activity coming from players, along with the likelihood of being captured and banned from online casinoS if the fraud is detected.

Recently there has been a spark of interest for online games, especially online betting and online gambling games. A lot of players are new to the scene and most likely have no idea about the frequency of fraud practices found on a daily basis. This guide does not condone extreme fraudulent practices, and will only serve as a tool for education purposes. It is important that players know what is fraud from an online casino’s perspective, so that they can avoid stepping into fraud practices, even without ill-intent. Here are some of the most common examples of fraudulent activities found among the more suspicious crowds in the online gaming community: 


Multiple Account Fraud

You might think it is a good idea to create multiple accounts so you can claim multiple bonuses provided by the online casino every day, it multiplies the free cash and free credits you receive from the online casino, along with allowing the player to play multiple slot games at once with multiple accounts so they can multiply the winning prizes as well. Bad news, this is considered fraud and will get you banned! Only one account is allowed for each user, and if you are caught claiming multiple bonuses from an online casino, you will risk having your bonus funds rescinded.


Bonus Abuse

This is connected to the multiple accounts fraud. Claiming multiple bonuses aside, players also abuse the bonus funds received from online casinos without fulfilling the prerequisite conditions of the online casino. Terms and conditions exist for a reason, so make sure you read them carefully before you claim the bonus, or risk getting all of your bonus funds along with the winning prize you got by using said bonus funds rescinded from your account. 



Gnoming is exactly like creating multiple accounts to cheat the online casino system, but it is used for a different purpose. Instead of exploiting the bonuses and promotions provided by the casino, the duplicate accounts used in gnoming are used to help other players, or the main account of the user, achieve easy victory in live table games. If caught, players will get booted out of the online casino without question.


Chip Dumping

Again, this is related to gnoming. The duplicate accounts help the main account by dumping their chips onto a live table game based on bad hands. Even if they lose, the main account with the good hand claims all the chips and achieves an easy win. 


Fraud is a serious crime and players should know to avoid them. Online casinos are here to provide us with a safe and secure platform so that we can indulge in gaming and gambling without worry, so let’s keep our relationship with online casinos healthy, yeah?


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