October 5, 2022
Online Casino Red Flags That you should be aware of

Online Casino Red Flags That You Should Be Aware Of

Online Casino Red Flags You Need to Know

With thousands of online casinos hungry for your deposit, only a few of them are ready to return your money, stick to their terms and conditions, or offer fair games. 

Of course, you will want to avoid rogue casinos even though they often make up the majority of your options. How then can you select a safe casino? There’s no foolproof answer to that question. 

One way to avoid a rogue casino is to take a look at a blacklist. Casinos that get on this list have mistreated or stolen from their customers. However, some websites compile biased blacklists. 

Here are some warning signs that show a certain casino could be a scam.


Unfair Games

Every casino should offer random games. However, scam casinos alter or rip off their games to shift goalposts in their favor. They can also tweak their free practice games in favor of players to lure them into playing their paid games. 



If a player cheated, abused offers, or failed to meet the bonus offer terms, it is right for a casino to refuse to pay. 

Scam casinos use one or more of these reasons as an excuse for non-payment, even if there’s no evidence of the player being in the wrong. 

Also, some casinos won’t pay marketing partners such as affiliates. Consequently, the affiliates will stop paying players in the long run. 


Slow Pay

Next red flags is slow pay. A suspicious casino takes longer than usual to pay its players. Often, it’s because the casino wants to motivate players to continue playing or take a bonus so that the business won’t cash out.

In the meantime, players will be getting bouncing checks, partial payments, or runarounds. 

If you realize that your casino has started exhibiting slow pay characteristics, it’s time to opt out. 


Offers are Too Good

A casino that offers extremely huge matches and/or bonuses is certainly a scam. Legit casinos have offers ranging from $500 to $2,000. 

If you find a new casino offering a bonus of $5,000, then avoid it. 


Putting all Funds in One Basket

Every casino should keep its players’ funds separate from its money. Otherwise, how sure are you that it is paying other players using your earnings? That is a sign of instability. 



Where does your casino of choice get its licensing and regulation? Some licensing authorities are more negligent than others. For example, you shouldn’t put a lot of faith in a Costa Rica-based operator. 


The Bottom Line

Take your time to inspect every detail about the casino you want to join. Then, make an informed decision. 


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