August 18, 2022
Malaysian Gaming Star Donates US$100k With OG Team For Covid-19-Backed Charity

Malaysian Gaming Star Donates US$100k With OG Team For Covid-19-Backed Charity

Malaysian Gaming Star Donates US$100k With OG Team For Covid-19-Backed Charity

Covid-19 has disorganized calendars and events. Social distancing and isolation have meant that people should not mingle the way they used to. Many sectors of the world economies have been badly affected by the pandemic. As a result, the flow of funds for charity activities has been curtailed. For this reason, the Malaysian gaming star has decided to offer donations over $100k for charity organizations that engage in Covid-19-related activities.

The Malaysian star has teamed up with players from different corners of the world to host tournaments whose proceeds are channeled to organizations fighting Covid -19. It is in line with this that Gamers without borders was born. It consists of leading gamers such as Yeik NaiZheng from Red Bull OG team and other players from French, Lebanon, Macedonia, and Pakistan who took part in tournaments worth millions of shillings.

OG and MidOne trumped their way into a semifinal in a multiplayer battle where they donated about 100k US dollars to the International Medical Corps charity. They took part in a 3-day tournament in which OG overcame Team Nigma in one of the thrilling quarter-finals. OG gave as much as they took and were able to neutralize strong opposition from the Ukrainian Natus Vincere.  MidOne displayed brilliant sniper skills during the game, but the OG lost 2-1; thus, they missed out to play in the final.

Gamer without borders final was a battlefield in which the winner scooped US$1.1 m. A total of $ 1.5m US dollars was donated to charitable work on the Covid-19 pandemic.  Several charitable organizations, including UNICEF, King Salman relief center, Gavi Vaccine Alliance, and International Medical Corps have partnered with Gamers without Borders to alleviate the impact of Covid-19.

The most skilled Dota 2 player MidOne was the few players that went past the 8,000 MMR mark in the past two years. A few months ago, the star that joined the current Dota 2 world champions was excited for the contribution he made to the initiative. Also, he was happy that the tournament gave him a chance to engage in such competitive games. To him, it was a great opportunity to have players from different corners of the globe come together during this difficult time.

MidOne reiterated that it was vital to make a donation to charitable organizations and be part of teams that are fighting covid-19. He added that he had been away from competitive games, and coming together in such a tournament was a great way to reduce the boredom. It also gave the bored fans across the globe an opportunity to get entertained and have fun.

Indeed, the world needs something positive at the moment, so having such tournaments is inspiring, and everyone is delighted at the contribution it is having to the world.


Final thought

Although the social distancing regulations that were meant to help combat the covid-19 pandemic, they have hampered gaming. Luckily, fans across Malaysia can stream Elite international events on Facebook, Youtube, and Twitch. Further, ESL, the technical partner, is committed to ensuring quality in the gamer’s experience.


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