Is SCR888 Safe?

Is SCR888 Safe?

How Safe SCR888?


There are certainly a lot of ranked lists of online casinos out there on the internet, all published by various online casino review sites and blogs. Some of these writers are well-known and their writing has proven to be trustworthy, the others though, remain an unknown entity. However, after going through dozens of these lists within weeks, we have spotted a pattern among all these lists, and it is the fact that the name ‘SCR888’ has appeared in almost 90% of them. Some people rank them at top 10, some at top 5, and there is actually a handful of people that actually made the claim that it is, in fact, the very best online casino in the entire world. Have you heard of SCR888? We certainly have not, which is why our team has set out to investigate just how good is this SCR888. 


The SCR888 official website is certainly colorful, there’s lists after lists of games that they offer. We counted at least more than a hundred of them. SCR888 certainly has a lot of games, players that join this online casino will certainly never run out of games to play, that’s for sure. The first game we tried was a game provided by 918Kiss. It is a Halloween themed online slot game, to sum up our experience with the game, we would rate it 4 out of 5 stars because the visuals and sound design are very interesting.


Next we set out to check out their mobile site. We found their app through a quick search on the mobile play store, the SCR888 app is available on both Android and Apple play store, click to know more about SCR888,  so here’s a checkmark for ease of accessibility. It runs fine on both platforms, though the app on Android needs some improvement on app optimization because it takes a few seconds longer on startup when compared to running on an iPhone. As soon as you launch the app you are asked to register an account, this is pretty standard stuff.  The registering process is surprisingly fast, it took no more than 3 minutes for the app to process your information.


Finally, we did a test on the online casino’s security. We have purposely leaked faked ‘sensitive’ information about us through the app, and within seconds we are notified about it. The app also features biometric authentication plus a two-factor authentication, that’s way more extra layers of protection than is considered necessary by the industry, but we are certainly not complaining. We also tried brute forcing our way into the online casino’s database, to no avail. The technical team thinks that this is truly impressive, not many online casino will go through such great lengths to protect their customers, and we think this is what makes SCR888 so outstanding among other online casinos out there.


In conclusion, we think SCR888 is fun and safe to play. It treats its customers well, and the casino and app design are appealing too. All things considered, we actually think it is worthy of the title as one of the best online casino in Asia. 


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