Is 918Kiss Safe?

Is 918Kiss Safe?

How Safe 918Kiss is?

Anyone online looking for a good place to play games would have certainly heard of 918Kiss. They are one of the top ranking online software provider in Asia, and also runs their own mobile online casino app. A quick scan on the online gambling scene would reveal that the majority of top trending games in the region are provided by 918Kiss, they are certainly influential and holds a significant amount of power over the market. However, we as online casino reviewers, the ultimate question for us should be, is it safe to play 918Kiss apps? Well, we are here to find out.


First, we are going to check out the games available on other online casino. You can find 918Kiss games everywhere, so the accessibility should not be a problem for 918Kiss fans. We tried out 918Kiss fishing games such as Li Kui Pi Yu and roulette games such as Roulette 24, and Roulette 12. So far, there has been no suspicious activity nor malware detected on our pc, but we are holding off conclusion for now, because it could be the online casino’s superb security itself that is preventing us from being harmed. 


Next, we download the 918Kiss app. The app can be found on both Google or Apple Play Store, however, if you find that you are region locked due to restrictions and internet regulations in your area, you can still choose to download the 918Kiss app on any reliable third party download site. We have found a relatively safe site to download the app, you can download the apk form of the app here. When the app is launched, immediately the user is greeted with a registration page. The app requires its user to register an account with their information before gaining access to the games inside, this could lead to harm if the app is not closely secured and protected from hackers and breach of user information. 


After researching and reading into the source code provided by 918Kiss, we are confident enough to say that our information is safe on 918Kiss’ hands. It is indeed a fact that the security and technical team at 918Kiss had poured a ton of effort and hard work into reinforcing the barriers that protect their users information, 918Kiss employs state of the art security, and they come with two-factor authentication along with biometric authentication. If we were hackers we would be sweating right now because this will be a tough wall to break. 


The app launches pretty quickly, and the registering process did not take more than 3 minutes. As soon as we picked up our phones we are already on our way into a gameplay wonderland. This is certainly impressive, because it is very rare to find an online casino app of this quality on this day and age. As a conclusion, our verdict is that 918Kiss deserves to be ranked as the number one online casino and online software provider from around the world. 


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