There are lots of games available on one of the most popular casinos in Malaysia, 918kiss. These games have amazing features which keep players glued to their screen. So, if you want to play all casino games with casino gaming software, 918 KISS / SCR888 apps are the best for casino games. The casino has a collection of over 100 casino games. To enjoy the amazing features this casino has to offer, it is necessary to download the application on your mobile devices; here are the steps involved:

Step 1: Go to the browser on your Android smartphone or iphone, as the case may be.

Step 2: Go to the search box on the browser, type download 918 KISS / SCR888. You would see lots of links from where you can download it.

Step 3: Before downloading, be sure it is from the right source; verify the app. Verifying an application is done by looking at other people’s reviews and comments on it, if the results are positive, you can go ahead and start the game download according to your mobile version.

Step 4: Once the game has finished downloading, an icon showing the application is saved on your mobile device. You can click on the game and install the game with all the necessary information.


918 KISS / SCR888 Playing Guide

All games have rules, and only by following those rules can one get the best of the game. Those rules are not so different to apply in whatever platform you are playing from; off or online, a laptop or a smartphone. So, playing on 918 KISS / SCR888 also has some specific rules. These rules are game specific; since there are a plethora of games, ranging from table games to slot games, arcade games, live games etc. All of these games have specific rules one must follow to enjoy the game and also win. Slot games are the most played games in 918kiss casino, and this set of games can be played well enough to know the rules for casino games. To play this category of games, you have to choose a partner first. Then, on the other hand, the amount of money that the client or the player will bet, according to terms and allowable bet placed by the casino, will have to be paid. Then when the casino wheel is rotated, it is expected for players to keep their eyes on it because these games are usually symbols. Then, when the wheel turns around, the mark or target of the wheel that corresponds to any placed by the players is the winning mark, that player then gets all the money. There are many types of symbols, such as elephant horse’s chicken monkeys, King Queen, and many others. Players can save a mark as put a wager on it. Many have lucky marks, they select that number, place the money on it, and proceed to play for the win.