October 5, 2022
How to Avoid Gambling Scam and Protect Yourself

How to Avoid Gambling Scam and Protect Yourself

Ways to Prevent Gambling Scam

Online gambling can be irresistibly appealing and so you should be forgiven for falling for it.  However, to avoid ending in disappointment as a result of a rip-off, there are several important things you should know before you hit online casinos.

Here is how you can avoid gambling scams and protect yourself:


Confirm the legality of the gambling license

All reputable gambling sites usually don’t withhold vital information from their customers.  The licenses are clearly presented together with links leading to the related regulatory bodies. The first thing you should do is to conduct thorough research to find out whether the online casino currently holds a valid license duly issued by an authorized body.  This is because several sites may be licensed for a while but then lose their license as a result of some foul play at a certain point. Long after their license has been withdrawn, some casinos tend to actually keep displaying the verification seal on their site. Feel free to check out the most trusted online casino in Malaysia if you are interested to explore more.


Be wary of Enticing Bonuses

Many casinos offer alluring welcome bonuses to new clients.  However, you should be wary of any welcome bonus that is excessive – for instance, a 400% bonus.  These are meant to trap you. Remember, all these are deposit bonuses. While you can place the needed deposit for you to qualify for this bonus, rogue casinos will hide the intricate process of getting them.  Also, there are additional conditions you must meet, or actions you must take before you can finally get them. Many players normally give up when they realize what a costly ‘‘prize’’ that deposit bonus is. Trustworthy casinos don’t rely on alluring welcome bonuses but other things to draw new customers and also earn their trust.  So, to avoid such gambling scams, ensure that you peruse the terms and conditions.


Find out if the casino operates on the original software

Trustworthy casino software providers who are available on online gambling are actually known.  Among them, only the leading ones are committed to delivering not just top-quality, but also safe and fair software.  Still, numerous online casinos believe they can save some cash by purchasing a plagiarized version of certain popular gambling software, and that gamblers will not notice the difference.  It is really a grave matter since a random Number Generator is a vital part of gambling software that guarantees the fairness of every game that is played. This means the RGN can’t be trusted if the software is pirated. While it is quite difficult to distinguish between the original and the bogus software, you should be able to do so after spending some time on internet casinos. But to be on the safe side, when starting, choose online casinos with the purported live deals instead of those relying on the RNG. 


Scrutinize the applicable terms and conditions

Online casinos’ terms and conditions contain important information for players hence it is very crucial for you to take adequate time to read and understand them. They include the legal age for a person to start gambling, how much money you can withdraw at once and the conditions for claiming the popular welcome bonuses.  Some casinos allow gambling from 18 years, while in the U.S you must be over 21 to sign up for the online casino. Also, you need to check the casino’s withdrawal policy to avoid getting frustrated because many casinos tend to make some smaller payouts other than distributing the entire winnings at once. The casino may not actually have intentions of not paying you out, but it may simply be the way it operates. 


Pick a casino with several payment methods

Reliable casinos always endeavour to provide different deposit as well as withdrawal methods to their clients.  These options ought to include typical money transactions such as credit cards or bank transfers that traditional gamblers will be comfortable with.  Alternatively, trustworthy casinos are likely to keep pace with new trends by actually providing e-cheques as a payment method or accepting Cryptocurrencies, which are becoming increasingly popular for gambling.  Be wary of sites that offer just a single option for the placement of bets or distribution of the payouts. These could easily turn out to be scam casinos. 


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