June 28, 2022
How casinos try to prevent cheating

How Casinos Try to Prevent Cheating

How Casinos Prevent Players to Cheat

With the approximate $70 billion that casinos generate annually, it isn’t a surprise that scammers target these businesses. Since casinos are aware of this fact, they dedicate a substantial amount of their resources to catching thieves. 

Scammers use a variety of methods to cheat casinos out of their earnings. As cheaters become more sophisticated in their techniques, so do the casinos in their ways of preventing cheating. 

Here are the commonest tricks that scammers use and the methods casinos employ to combat them. 


Relaying Information to Other Punters

Often, you will find scammers working in a group. For instance, one punter may try and get a good viewpoint to see the cards a dealer is holding. Then, he or she will relay the information to other players in his or her group using a wireless transmitter.

Fortunately, most casinos use advanced technology like NORA and have debugging staff members on the floor to stop communication between suspected scammers. With NORA, a casino’s security team can easily identify relationships between fraudsters.


Planning with the Dealer

Scammers commonly use this strategy and try to get away with it. For instance, a dealer may make a “false shuffle,” that is, he/she keeps some cards in the same sequence as they were before the dealing. 

Casinos prevent this type of scam by keeping a close eye on dealers and punters. Apart from using cameras on tables, they also watch each dealer’s losses and each punter’s winnings. This instills fear into the dealers since they know the repercussions of being part of a scam. 


Dealing with the Dealer’s Errors

If a dealer tips his/her hole card, a player can peek at the hand and know what is there. 

Although this scenario is not completely avoidable, casinos can minimize it by carefully training their dealers. Moreover, casinos should impose strict penalties on dealers who fail to hold their cards properly. 


Card Substitution

This is a very simple and basic technique for a player to increase his/her chances of winning. Most players accomplish this by replacing the card they have with a better one from a player they are working with.

In some cases, players use a sophisticated device to secretly switch cards.

To prevent such a scam, casinos train dealers to track all the cards on the table. Also, they carefully inspect punters with long-sleeve shirts. 


Be Alert and Be Up-to-Date

Scammers are arguably the greatest threat to casino businesses. However, staying alert and keeping abreast of the latest scamming methods can go a long way in checking scams.   


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