Chargeback Casinos: Everything You Need To Know About Online Casino Chargebacks

Chargeback Casinos: Everything You Need To Know About Online Casino Chargebacks

Chargeback Casinos: Everything You Need To Know About Online Casino Chargebacks

Have you played at a fraudulent online casino and need your money back? Why not place a chargeback request? If you’re lucky, the casino will return your money. 

There’s provision for making claims on your money in case an online casino defrauds you. Your payment provider will ascertain the claim and, if found to be true, refund the money. The payment provider will then resolve the issue with your online casino. 

However, making a successful online casino chargeback isn’t as easy as you may think. Indeed, there are slim chances that a casino will accept your refund request. Moreover, you are supposed to know the ins and outs of casino chargebacks before placing a request. 


Quick Facts

  • Be ready for a battle with the casino when you place a chargeback request
  • Do not tell lies as you can be sued
  • You can be blacklisted if you place too many refund requests
  • Time limits for casino chargeback requests range from 90-120 calendar days from the day you make a transaction
  • Claims on unauthorized card payments are acceptable
  • If your country has a chargeback system, then it’s your right to request refunds 


Chances of Success

An online casino chargeback is a legally recognized consumer protection mechanism. Therefore, the effectiveness of your claim is determined by the law of your country.

Since consumers in the US place chargebacks almost daily, refunds are more effective there. However, chargeback effectiveness is less in European countries. The effectiveness is almost zero in third world countries. 


How to Succeed

The only way to succeed in online casino chargebacks is to prove that the operator provided you with a faulty service. Remember, casinos do not guarantee wins. They only promise to give you a chance to play their games. 

In other words, if you played the game the casino promised, then you didn’t get a faulty service. Placing a request would probably be a waste of time. 

However, if you played at an unlicensed gambling site or the casino offered you a game that has no winning odds, then your chargeback request will be successful. Nevertheless, proving that the operator rigged the game’s RTP rates is almost impossible. 


Supported Payment Options

Although most online chargeback casinos originate from credit card payments, other payment methods are also applicable. They include Skrill, Neteller, and Wire transfers. Unfortunately, Bitcoin is not supported. 


Consequences of Making Chargeback Requests

  • You can be denied the request because it is not easy to prove the claim
  • The online casino can ban your account even if you succeeded to get a refund


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