Canadian Couple Call Out Dominican Republic Progressive Roulette Casino Scam

Canadian Couple Call Out Dominican Republic Progressive Roulette Casino Scam

Canadian Couple Call Out Dominican Republic Progressive Roulette Casino Scam

Imagine being close to winning a whopping $100,000 in one minute and then being in an ATM the next moment with guards ordering you to withdraw thousands of dollars. 

That is what happened to a Canadian couple, Jay Lush and Steve Bungay, when they played at a casino attached to the Hotel Riu Bambu on their Dominican Republic vacation. The duo had thought that the casino was legit.

The casino allegedly lured the couple into trying their luck at an unsuspicious game called “progressive roulette.” However, the casino skillfully manipulated them before frog-matching them to the said ATM. 

Lush told CBC Radio that he felt embarrassed, horrified, assaulted, and stupid at the same time. 


How They Got Scammed

A hostess greeted Lush and Bungay when they entered the casino, offering them $25 complimentary chips for the progressive roulette game. 

The game invites players to throw eight balls into a spinning wheel. Each ball falls into a slot with an allotted number. 

For every spin, the dealer will add up the values of each ball to get the punter’s total score. Each score has its distinct positive or negative result allocated to it on a table chart. You need to reach a certain score to win. 

However, everything happens so rapidly that the punter has little time to understand the rules. 

While playing, you will feel you’re about to win big when it’s all but an illusion. The jackpot will then double suddenly, but your points will not. 

About six minutes into the game, the dealer told Bungay that he was only a point away from winning $100,000. However, he was to continue rolling to guarantee the win, and the next bet cost $1,200. 

At this moment, the couple panicked, noticing that something was wrong. They stopped the game, and Steve was taken to the cashier, only for the management to demand a payment of $6,500. 

That’s when the guards forced the couple to withdraw money from the ATM in $200 increments. 

Although the banks froze the cards, the casino staff ordered the couple to call the banks and request wire transfers, failure to which Bungay would not get back is driving license.

The casino staff let the couple go after two hours of making phone calls to arrange the payment. 


On-Going Scam

The case of the Canadian couple isn’t the first one. When you search on Google, you’ll discover that casinos all over the Caribbean nation have been practicing the progressive roulette scam for years. 


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