October 5, 2022


The team at SCR888 had received information regarding cruel people out there using our name to exploit players and scam our fans, let it be known that we do not condone this type of behaviour and is working hard to resolve this issue.



A few days ago, an article was published claiming that SCR888 can not be trusted because the online casino is known to scam money from players. They had stated that we would refuse our customers to go through the cashback process, thus denying the casino patrons from receiving their money back. SCR888 will never do this, any fans that have been with us since the beginning will know, we are actually paving our way to become the most trusted and reliable online casino in Asia. There is absolutely no reason for an online casino to do something as unreasonable as this because it will cause irreparable damage to the online casino’s reputation.

Upon investigation, it was found out that the ‘SCR888’ that has been scamming players from left and right are, in fact, not associated with us at all, and are using our name as bait to lure new players in. We urge all SCR888 fans to be aware of this scam and help us prevent it from causing further harm to the online casino industry by reporting them to us if you have spotted any suspicious activity. We will take legal action as soon as possible but until then, please stay safe and stay aware, spread this news and warn others if you can.

With the help of the amazing online casino community, we have identified some of the suspicious sites that are known to scam online casino patrons under our name. Here is the list:


  • 918kiss-scr.com
  • scr888malaysia.com
  • ali88win.com
  • 9club.com
  • scr888club.com
  • mgs188.net
  • orangkaya.com
  • naga128.com
  • co8club.com
  • scr888max.com
  • scr888city.com
  • Vstarclub.com


Take a good look at the list above and see if you are currently supporting any of the sites with your money. If you do, please evacuate immediately or risk being scammed. For more information about this issue and how are we planning to resolve it, visit our official website read more about it. You can also download the SCR888 but only from trusted sources. Your first option would be to visit your mobile play store and search for our name, then download the first result that pops up. SCR888 is available for both Android and Apple users alike. The second option is to download our app straight from our official website, and the third option would be to visit me88 Malaysia, a trusted download site that we had set up for our patrons. Try not to download the SCR888 app anywhere else, especially now when they are scammers on the loose currently operating under our name.


Something like this should not happen at all, we apologize for the inconvenience and hope that you can stay patient until the issue is resolved. We hope you have a good day. You can learn more about SCR888 by clicking


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