October 5, 2022



Online casino can be a wonderful place, imagine being able to play casino games while staying in the comforts of your own home, this is not something the people from a few decades ago even dared to dream of, and now we get to live it. With the launch of online casino apps, by installing said apps onto our phones, we can keep the online casino’s entire arsenal of amazing games in our phones, all ready to play with the click of a button. Recently, there has been a spike of interest in online casinos due to a lot of locals deciding to jump onto the online casino bandwagon. This is certainly good news, as the more people the merrier, but this also poses a concern for us as well, because as veterans in the industry, we understand that the online casino market is very easily exploitable. A lot of casino scams exist out there to cheat the hard earned money of online gamblers, and we will not stand by this.


We are here to warn our readers that not every online casino is safe, so it is best that all players are aware of how to protect themselves and their information while gaming online. To help you on your journey, here are some of the best tips and tricks to avoid online casino scams that we can offer.


Be Aware

It should be common knowledge that you should not rush into the first online casino you see and start offering them money, a player should always be aware of the reputation and reliability of an online casino before deciding if they will start depositing money. Once you deposited money into a suspicious online casino up to no good, the shady online casino would have acquired your bank information. This is extremely dangerous and avoided at all cost.


Read Up On Reviews

One way to be aware of which online casino to trust and which one not to is by reading up on online casino reviews written and published by experts writing for online casino review sites and blogs. In every review usually there will be a section that focuses on the safety aspects of the online casino they are reviewing, so be sure that you pay extra attention to that section.


Pay Attention to Player Forums

In the online world, players will help each other out by warning each other of any suspicious activity from unreliable online casinos; they usually do this at player forums for online casino patrons, so by keeping an eye on these forums you can also stay up to date and informed on the latest news and the current scene of the online casino market. You can always trust the words of other players when they warn that you shouldn’t trust an online casino with your money, because they mostly gain nothing from lying. 


We hope you find these tips and tricks helpful. Be sure to also be careful of where you download your online casino apps because some of them may come with malware, and you definitely do not want to lose every file in your device just because you wanted a play a few games. Have fun and stay safe out there! 


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