October 5, 2022


So many online casinos out there, it can be a difficult task to filter through all these options available on the internet to find the good ones. No one wants to waste time playing with a bad online casino, poor service, low-quality games are all such a turn-off, not to mention the damage paying for an online casino with bad security would cause. To the average online gambler, this is just too much trouble, which is why not a lot of people are deterred from jumping onto the online casino bandwagon. No worries, this is what online reviews are for. There are online reviewers out there for casinos and online games so that you don’t have to do the filtering yourself, someone is already doing it for you. The purpose of this article is to list out all of the approved online casino sites in Malaysia, so that, you, as a Malaysian online gambler, can shift through this list and look for an online casino to check out. Let’s get started.




Win club has everything, from the lottery, slot games to poker tables, baccarat tables and fishing games. The fishing games at Winclub88 are exciting and unique, they are certainly their most attractive feature. The fishing games provided include GG fishing and SG fishing. At Winclub88, it is all about that immersive experience, they want to submerge their players into a world of gaming, blurring the line between fantasy and reality. It is a gaming experience unlike any other. Currently, they are rated at four out of five stars online. 


  1. Regal88


The bonuses available at Regal88 are to die for. Players swarm towards the online casino because it is known to be one of the most generous online casinos available online. Every day is a bonanza with all the special promotions, event bonuses, free cash and free credits giveaway at the site. We can not possibly think of a reason to be dissatisfied as a Regal88 member. All the great quality games and secure betting platforms aside, the online casino is literally paying you to play their games. There is not a single reason to not join Regal88. It is now rated at four out of five stars. 


  1. BK8


This entry is a brainer seeing how famous BK8 is. In southeast Asian countries such as Singapore, Thailand, The Philippines and especially Malaysia, BK8 has already become a household name. The site is a safe and reliable platform to place bets for sports, including e-sports and virtual sports. The site is so popular even football legend Robin Van Persie himself had signed up to become a brand ambassador, at this point, every football fan out there already has the BK8 installed on their phones. Besides that, the site also offers various other entertainment content such as fishing games and slot games. This is a perfect online casino, rated at five out of five stars.


  1. me88

me88-168-welcome-bonus - 500px

me88 is a famous Chinese online casino. The online casino is focused on the best live table experience. With games such as live poker, live roulette, live baccarat among many others, all featuring state of the art streaming technology, the site provides an immersive experience that easily stands out among the rest of the online casino industry. The site also provides countless promotions and special offers for their members so that new members can pick up and start gambling easily. This site is rated at Five out of Five stars.


  1. Royal77


Royal77 is all about that royal experience, players should be prepared to be treated like a king while gaming with Royal77. The customer service there is just superb, any complaints, questions, demands are addressed immediately by a team of professionals, colour us impressed. The progressive jackpot at Royal77 is also climbing at an alarming speed, any second a user spends not gaming with Royal77 is a second wasted because everyone is fighting to secure to a large bag for themselves. The site is rated at four out of five stars.




If you want to play games with gorgeous young ladies, ECLBet is the place for you. The streaming service at the online casino is truly outstanding, it will be as if the player is sitting face to face with the dealer. The card dealing process is so smooth and seamless it is no wonder so many people got addicted to the online casino so fast. It is now rated at four out of five stars.


  1. 96Slots


96Slots is a gaming paradise for slot game lovers. Slot game enthusiasts will be delighted to find out that there is a safe and reliable online casino out there that is dedicated to bringing them the ultimate, the definitive, the best and the most comfortable slot game experience imaginable. 96slots is extremely reputable in Malaysia, even players who are not really into slot games have heard of them. Their collection of games are prone to blow everyone away, almost every game is unique and features interesting themes and design. 96Slots is rated a perfect five out of five stars by online slot game reviewers. 


  1. KKslots77



KKSlots is also another reputable slot game heaven for online gamers. The turnover and a payout percentage of the slot games there are certainly drool-inducing, if you are a member of KKSlots you are used to making a profit almost daily. The site is rated at four out of five stars.


  1. Dafabet


Dafabet is still generally unknown by the southeast Asian online gambling community, which is why we consider it to be an underrated gem. The service there is seriously impressive, it is all around a well designed online casino featuring security that follows international standards, and games with limitless entertainment potential. The site is currently rated four out of five stars.

If we missed out on your favourite online casino, it does not mean that the online casino is unreliable. You can check out our other online casino reviews to find out more about what makes an online casino good and what makes an online casino untrustworthy.

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Last Update: 16 Nov 2021

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